Netnod - rock solid for 25 years

Starting operations in 1996, Netnod has been involved in some key moments of Internet history. Read about some of the major milestones here as we celebrate 25 years working at the core of the Internet.

As Netnod celebrates 25 years working at the core of the Internet, we can look back at some impressive milestones. These are milestones that mark significant moments in both Netnod’s history and in the development of critical infrastructure at the core of the Internet. We could not have done this without the excellent work of our Netnod team, cooperation with our industry partners, and the strong relationships we have developed with our customers. 

So as we mark our 25 years in the industry, I would like to thank all of you that have been on the journey together with Netnod so far. I know there are many more exciting milestones to come. I look forward to working together to ensure rock-solid Internet for everyone.  


LM Jogbäck

Netnod CEO


Netnod at 25 - major milestones 


1991: I-root (today operated by Netnod) becomes the first of the world’s 13 root name servers to be located outside of the United States. 

1992: D-GIX (the precursor to Netnod IX Stockholm) launched as the first Swedish IX and one of the first Internet Exchanges in Europe. 

1996: Netnod is formed by the TU-foundation

1997: Netnod starts operating the Netnod IX Stockholm (formerly D-GIX). Netnod starts operating an NTP time service using Rubidium atomic clocksnetnod logo


2000: Netnod takes over responsibility for, one of the world’s 13 root name servers2003: IPv6 peering available at the Netnod IX2003: Netnod becomes one of the first DNS providers to offer a global anycast DNS service 

2005: Netnod’s anycast DNS service for the .SE domain is fully DNSSEC enabled making .SE the first TLD in the world to deploy DNSSEC

2010: Netnod deploys first route server at Netnod IX Stockholm2012: Netnod signs up first 100GE customer 

2014: Netnod launches first distributed IX connecting Sweden and Denmark, Netnod IX Copenhagen

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2015: Together with PTS and the SP National Laboratory (now RISE), Netnod develop Sweden’s nationwide distributed time service using stratum-1 time servers connected to Caesium atomic clocks

2019: Netnod becomes the first IX to offer 400GE ports at multiple locations 

2019: Netnod’s Remote IX service enables peering across the Nordics with just one port 

2019: Netnod launches one of the first Network Time Security (NTS) enabled time services in the world

2020: Netnod makes the first FPGA implementation of NTS

2020: Netnod recognised for world-leading time services by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences2020: Netnod expands the Netnod IX Sundsvall to Gävle creating the first distributed IX for mid-Sweden 

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About Netnod
Netnod is an active contributor in the Internet community. We see it as part of our mission to work for the "Good of the Internet", and we believe in working together with the Internet community for this purpose.
About Netnod
Netnod is a neutral and independent Internet infrastructure organisation based in Sweden. Netnod is fully owned by the non-profit foundation TU-stiftelsen (Stiftelsen för Telematikens utveckling).
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