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Netnod - working at core of the Internet

Netnod is a neutral and independent Internet infrastructure organisation based in Sweden. With more than 20 years of experience at the core of the Internet, Netnod has the established expertise for providing critical infrastructure support, ranging from DNS services and root server operations to Internet exchange points (IXPs) and activities for the good of the Internet.

Netnod’s IXPs

Netnod operates six IXPs throughout Sweden and Denmark where Internet operators connect and exchange traffic with some of the biggest transit providers in the world. The Netnod IX is the largest in Scandinavia and has the highest traffic per peer in Europe.

DNS Services

Netnod also manages a variety of DNS services providing anycast and unicast slave service to Top Level Domains (TLDs) and select partners. With an anycast network offering an industry-leading server footprint, Netnod is the provider of choice for some of the largest TLDs in the world.  

I-root and working for the good of the Internet

Since 2000, Netnod has operated, one of the 13 DNS root name servers and a critical part of the Internet’s infrastructure. This is one of a range of important activities that Netnod performs for the good of the Internet. 

Network Time Protocol

Netnod is responsible for distributing Swedish national time. We operate high-performance Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers to ensure that the Swedish time scale is distributed accurately throughout the country.

Community involvement

Netnod plays an active role in the global Internet community and has built strong relationships with many internet-related regional and global organisations. We work with a range of industry partners throughout the world to ensure a stable, well-functioning Internet. 

Netnod’s history

More information about Netnod’s 20 year history at the core of the Internet is available here.

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About Netnod
Netnod is an active contributor in the Internet community. We see it as part of our mission to work for the "Good of the Internet", and we believe in working together with the Internet community for this purpose.
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11 Dec 2017
In a new project, Netnod and the Internet Foundation in Sweden (IIS) will gather operators, technicians and other stakeholders to jointly define what constitutes Internet access. The purpose is to make it easier for both users and suppliers to know and agree on what is expected of the connection you buy.
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