Peering with Netnod

These are the basic facts and information about peering with Netnod. (ASN 8674).

Netnod peering policy

Netnod (ASN 8674) has an open peering policy.

Who are we?

We are the operator of, one of 13 logical root servers in the world. We also provide DNS services for a number of Top Level Domains (TLDs) through our DNSNODE service. These DNS services are available at our various locations. From our Points of Presence around the world, we provide these anycast DNS services for the Internet community. 

Network operators improve their DNS resolution by peering with Netnod

At the Netnod exchange points in Sweden and Denmark, Netnod also provides a variety of other value adding services, such as NTP, Internet Routing Registry (IRR), Bredbandskollen (a Swedish broadband consumer test), which you can access by peering with Netnod in Sweden.

Netnod peering information

ASN: 8674
Peering email: peering[at]netnod[dot]se
NOC email: noc[at]
PeeringDB Entry:

If you wish to peer with Netnod at any of our locations, please contact peering[at] with the following information:

  • Organisation
  • ASN
  • Your name
  • Your email
  • NOC email 
  • NOC phone
  • Peering email
Technical information on Netnod IXP's
A route server facilitates the administration of peering arrangements for networks present at an exchange point. By connecting to the route server, you can replace some or all of your separate BGP sessions to your peers, with one single session towards the route server.
Here are example configurations that illustrates a router connected to both of the VLANs on the STH-B switch. The VLAN ids will be different for other Netnod IX's. The examples are only examples and will most likely need to be adopted to your environment and platform.
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