Connect to NTP Servers

These are the technical details for Netnod’s NTP service and how to reach our Internet Time servers.

Netnod provides the following Internet time servers (Stratum-1) which are public and can be reached at: 




Stockholm (Two locations):


Anycast address for nearest NTP server of the above:

Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

Below you will find information about activities within national and international time keeping, time synchronisation, research and calibration services. 

Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) pages


More about the Netnod NTP services

More information about the Netnod's NTP services can be found here

Keeping Sweden in sync - NTP is the most commonly used protocol for synchronizing the time on computer systems. An accurate, NTP-based system is essential not only for individual users but also for local and national economies.
Best practices for connecting to NTP servers
Best practices for connecting to NTP servers
Christer Weinigel
Using the Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a simple and effective way to set your local time. But how can you ensure that the time you are getting is correct, what can you do to improve time accuracy, and how do you decide which NTP servers are best for you? In this blogpost, we will take you through everything you need to know about getting the most accurate time over NTP.