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About Netnod 

Netnod is a non-profit, neutral and independent Internet infrastructure organisation based in Stockholm, Sweden. Netnod is owned by the foundation TU-stiftelsen (Stiftelsen för Telematikens utveckling). Netnod manages Internet exchange points (IXPs) in Sweden, offers DNS anycast & unicast slave services to TLDs and is the operator of, one of 13 logical DNS root name servers.
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Announcements about new customers and upgrades at Netnod's six  IXP's in Sweden and Denmark. (public peers). 

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About Netnod
Netnod is an active contributor in the Internet community. We see it as part of our mission to work for the "Good of the Internet", and we believe in working together with the Internet community for this purpose.

About Netnod
Netnod is actively involved in the Internet community as part of Netnod’s mission to work for the Good of the Internet. Netnod has built partnerships with many national, regional and international organisations in areas of common interests.
Value adding IX services
Basic facts for peering

31 May 2017
Stockholm, Sweden - 31 May 2017 - Netnod, the leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator in the Nordics, today announced the technology partners for its new Optical IX service. Working together with ADVA Optical Networking and Arista, Netnod will launch an Optical IX platform that will revolutionise peering in the region. Customers will benefit from industry-leading connectivity options of up to 100Gbit/s, redundancy and control over their traffic.

1 Jun 2017
Our Q2 edition of Netnod newsletter is out. Our quarterly newsletter includes Netnod updates and feature articles about the latest industry developments.
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When: Thursday 12th October 2017
Where: Stockholm, Sweden

Meet us
Netnod is Silver sponsor at AfPIF 2017
22 - 24 August 2017, Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire