Per Nihlén

Per Nihlén is head of unit at SUNET and the Swedish Research Council. He also serves on the board of Stiftelsen för Telematikens Utveckling and a member of the NORDUnet Customer Advisory Group. With a deep expertise in designing large-scale multinational optical and IP networks, Per previously held the position of Network Manager for NORDUnet, the Nordic infrastructure for Research & Education.

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Christer Trägårdh

Christer Trägårdh is primarily known for his career in the banking industry. He was the CEO of Bergslagens Sparbank, on Swedbank’s Group Executive Committee from 2014-2019 and held various roles during over a decade at Handelsbanken. Christer also has experience from over 20 board assignments including Chairman of Fastighetsbyrån, Chairman of Linköping Hockey, Vice Chairman of Svensk Handel Försäkringar (now SH Pension) and board member of UC. 

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Mikael Pawlo

Mikael Pawlo is a Swedish entrepreneur and investor. He is currently vice-president of brand for automated accounting firm Bokio. He was the co-founding CEO of the listed i-gaming firm Mr Green. Pawlo is on the board of Forza X, the holding company for Forza Football, on the board of Flexion Mobile, listed on the First North marketplace, on the board of Supertext, on the board of Djurgårdens Elitfotboll AB and has previously served on the board of several startup companies. 

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Anders Riedenfalk

Anders Riedenfalk

Anders Riedenfalk has a background as a Civil Engineer and researcher at Linköping University. In the business sector, Riedenfalk has worked with IT, business development, and security at large and medium-sized technology companies. He has worked internationally as the head of trade promotion at Sweden's largest embassy. He has experience as the Vice Chairman and board member of several Executive Boards, such as MAF Sweden, the Swedish Association of Engineers in Östergötland, the Swedish STS, the Foreign Policy Association in Linköping, and Lejonfastigheter.

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Hafsteinn Jonsson

Hafsteinn Jonsson

Hafsteinn Jonsson is a senior advisor within telecom and broadband networks. Hafsteinn has experience as CEO of both private and municipal companies. For ten years he headed the municipal fibre network in Karlstad as well as being active in The Swedish Local Fibre Alliance (SSNF), an association for network owners engaged in the development of a broadband infrastructure in Sweden. In 2014 the association awarded Hafsteinn with the prize Entrepreneur of the Year. 

Hafsteinn has extensive experience in business development, marketing, sales and product management both in and outside of Sweden. He is a co-founder of Phaze AdNet helping municipal networks and network owners to enhance their business and market strategy. His key skills are to establish solid client relations and to be innovative in addressing market changes. 

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