Anders Janson

Anders has been a member of the Netnod Board for over 15 years including many years as Chair. He received his law degree at Stockholm University and is currently a partner at Wollsén Albinsson Advokatbyrå, where he has been since 2016. 

Prior to Wollsén Albinsson, Anders spent 26 years at Foyen Advokatbyrå. Anders has also held positions at Sveriges Riksbank, (Swedens Central bank), Riksgälden, (Swedish National Debt Office), and SEB, amongst others.  

Anders’ extensive knowledge within business law in relation to Netnod’s juridical matters is extremely valuable to the Netnod Board.

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Anders Rosendal

Anders Rosendal is Manager of IP & Transmission Design at Telenor Sweden. He is responsible for all packet transport within Telenor and Bredbandsbolaget and has more than 20 years of experience as both manager and expert within the IP and Ethernet domain.

As part of the Telenor group, he provided IP expertise to Malaysia’s DiGi Telecom. During the early years of the millennium, he was instrumental in the technical development of the fast growing ISP Bostream. His career started as a Systems Engineer at Umeå Kommun and Umeå University. 

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Mikael Abrahamsson

Mikael Abrahamsson is Principal Engineer at NTT GIN (AS2914).

Previously he's worked at Deutsche Telekom (Terastream Project), Tele2, TDC Nordic, Song Networks and Arrowhead with everything from core IP routing, optical transport, access solutions both residential and corporate (ETTH/ADSL/SHDSL) and mobile networks. He co-founded SOLIX, an alternative IX to Netnod in Stockholm around the year 2000. Mikael studied at Lund University where he was also a systems administrator and on the board of the local university computer club, DF.

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Hafsteinn Jonsson

Hafsteinn Jonsson

Hafsteinn Jonsson is a senior advisor within telecom and broadband networks. Hafsteinn has experience as CEO of both private and municipal companies. For ten years he headed the municipal fibre network in Karlstad as well as being active in The Swedish Local Fibre Alliance (SSNF), an association for network owners engaged in the development of a broadband infrastructure in Sweden. In 2014 the association awarded Hafsteinn with the prize Entrepreneur of the Year. 

Hafsteinn has extensive experience in business development, marketing, sales and product management both in and outside of Sweden. He is a co-founder of Phaze AdNet helping municipal networks and network owners to enhance their business and market strategy. His key skills are to establish solid client relations and to be innovative in addressing market changes. 

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