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we keep our stuff in bunkers.)

Netnod operates the largest IX in the Nordics and provides interconnection throughout the region

Connect to DNSNODE and offer your customers a DNS slave service from the established experts in DNS anycasting. With Netnod’s DNSNODE service, you can offer TLD-grade anycast to your business and enterprise customers.

During 2015, Netnod worked with the PTS and the SP National Laboratory to develop the infrastructure for a more robust, nationwide time distribution service.

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18 Apr 2019
In response to recent reports on DNS hijackings, Netnod would like to state that there is no indication that any new attack has been successfully aimed at Netnod or that there has been any negative effect on any of Netnod’s services, customers or the service we operate.

3 Apr 2019
Stockholm, Sweden - 3 April 2019 – Netnod, the leading provider of interconnection services in the Nordics, today announced the launch of new services to transform the connectivity landscape in the region. New point-to-point transport and a VLAN solution interconnecting all Netnod Internet Exchanges (IXes) will provide the Nordics with quicker, cheaper and more effectively managed interconnections than ever before.
Netnod Transport
Point-to-point interconnections across the Nordics
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Meet with the Netnod team at Lacnic 31

Meet us
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