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14 Mar 2018
Netnod announced updated pricing for IX services at its six IXPs across Sweden, Denmark and Norway (powered by NIX). 
Netnod IX
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Netnod DNS
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Netnod’s Optical IX service optimises interconnections between data centres and other networks using industry-leading technology.

11 Dec 2017
Netnod and the Internet Foundation in Sweden (IIS) will gather operators, technicians and other stakeholders to jointly define what constitutes Internet access.

The Swedish national time scale is produced by the SP National Laboratory for Time and Frequency. It is distributed to the community using high-performance Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers operated by Netnod at Internet exchange points throughout Sweden.
Netnod Tech Meeting 2018
Save the date - 11 October 2018 in Stockholm
Re-live Netnod Meeting 2018 on Youtube

Meet us
The Netnod team will be at RIPE 76 in Marseille. Make sure you ask us how one of the largest DNS anycast platforms can help strengthen your internet infrastructure. 

Meet us
Netnod is sponsor of ENOG 15 in Moscow 4-5 June 2018.
What are root name servers?