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New Optical IX service to offer huge benefits for operators and CDNs
Netnod’s new service optimises interconnections between data centres and other networks using industry-leading technology.

26 Sep 2017
Root server operators are often asked to comment on reports about the performance and quality of the DNS root server system. In an effort to improve research in this field, the root server operators have published a guide that outlines some principles for interpreting DNS related data sets.

13 Sep 2017
Netnod is pleased to announce exciting developments at our Copenhagen IX. We have implemented a new architecture based on a 100Gbit/s optical network using state-of-the-art DCI equipment from ADVA Optical Networking and a switching layer from Arista.

9 Aug 2017
Netnod sent on the 8th of August 2017 a response to the Swedish Government related to the proposed implementation of the EU Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS) in Sweden.
Netnod Tech Meeting 12 October 2017
Working at the core of the Internet

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the distributed hierarchical database on which most Internet services and applications rely and depend. The root of this hierarchy is anchored on 13 domain name servers scattered across the globe. 
Keeping Sweden in sync with Netnod’s Network Time Protocol service
Technical information on Netnod IXP's

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