Your largest Internet Exchange Point in the Nordics with excellent connections into the Baltics and Russia.
Robust DNS at its best with DNS anycast and unicast slave services offered to TLDs and Enterprises worldwide.
Netnod Meeting 14-15 March 2018

14 Mar 2018
Netnod, the leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator in the Nordics, today announced updated pricing for IX services at its six IXPs across Sweden, Denmark and Norway (powered by NIX). 

15 Feb 2018
Netnod is recruiting a full stack developer to our Stockholm office. If you want to join a highly technical organisation working at the core of the Internet, and build rock solid Internet services for today and tomorrow, please read on and send us your application!

11 Dec 2017
In a new project, Netnod and the Internet Foundation in Sweden (IIS) will gather operators, technicians and other stakeholders to jointly define what constitutes Internet access. The purpose is to make it easier for both users and suppliers to know and agree on what is expected of the connection you buy.
New Optical IX service to offer huge benefits for operators and CDNs
Netnod’s new service optimises interconnections between data centres and other networks using industry-leading technology.
Working at the core of the Internet

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the distributed hierarchical database on which most Internet services and applications rely and depend. The root of this hierarchy is anchored on 13 domain name servers scattered across the globe. 
Keeping Sweden in sync with Netnod’s Network Time Protocol service

Meet us
Meet with Miguel Alktun at Cloudfest 2018

Meet us
26 Feb 2018
Meet Lars-Johan Liman from Netnod, who will be attending the IETF 101 in London on 17-23 March 2018.
Technical information on Netnod IXPs
What are root name servers?