Closed User Group

Closed User Group
A private and secure network for exchanging traffic with selected suppliers, partners, or customers. 

Netnod’s Closed User Group is an easy, secure and fast way for specific communities to exchange data in a protected environment. You can connect members from multiple sites across the Nordics who exchange data in a private, protected and secure environment. 

How to connect 

You can use dedicated ports or a VLAN on an existing Netnod IX port. Each Closed User Group can be customised by the owner that runs the group to meet specific needs. 

If you want to become a member of a Closed User Group, the owner of the group must authorise this. This ensures no unauthorised members are added to the group.


Secure: fully secured interconnection separate from the public Internet and other peering traffic 

Flexible: customise to connect multiple sites, suppliers, partners, or customers

Profitable: Closed User Groups enable collaboration opportunities driving business innovation and growth 

Simple: use your existing port to connect over a separate VLAN or a dedicated port

Where can you can connect?

You can connect to a Netnod Closed User Group from any Netnod IX across Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Members can connect to the same Closed User Group from multiple locations. 

To find out more, talk to one of our interconnection experts.