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Contact information

Phone: +46 (0)8 562 860 00

General contact:

Technical and network contact:

If you have general questions for our financial department, please contact:

For suppliers sending invoices via email, please attach one PDF per invoice and send to:

For suppliers sending invoices by post, please use the following address:
Netnod AB
Kund-ID: FSX4957
FE 301
105 69 Stockholm

If you have a comment or question about our website, please contact:


Fault report

Problems related to Netnod services can be reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using the fault report link below.

> Fault report online form


Visiting and post address

Greta Garbos väg 13
169 40 Solna 


> Information for members of the press


If you wish to request peering with other operators at the Netnod IX, send your request to:
If you wish to peer with Netnod (AS8674), send your request to:

Hosting an I-root node

Distributed across the world, responds to several hundred million DNS queries a day. To further improve the robustness and availability of the I-root service, Netnod continuously expands the I-root anycast network.

If you are interested in hosting an I-root node, please read more here.

Netnod organisation

Registration number: 556534-0014
VAT-number: SE556534001401
Registered office: Stockholm, Sweden


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Contact form:

An organisation working at the core of the Internet
Our DNSNODE service is the leading anycast and unicast slave service for TLDs and partners.
Based on one of the most resilient, robust, and advanced networks in the world, DNSNODE has been developed with the same expertise we use to operate i-root and advise the UN, the EU and the Swedish government on DNS best practise.
About Netnod
These are the basic facts and information about peering with Netnod. (ASN 8674).
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