The Netnod team

LM Jogbäck
LM is the CEO of Netnod.

LM Jogbäck has significant experience in the Swedish Internet industry, as well as broad international experience. Jogbäck comes to Netnod from Google, where he has been responsible for their corporate network in EMEA, India and China. Prior to that,…

Patrik "Paf" Fältström
Patrik is the Head of Research and Development at Netnod and has worked for the company since 2012.

Patrik Fältström is Head of Research and Development at Netnod.

Previously, Fältström was a distinguished engineer at Cisco, technical specialist at Tele2, systems manager at the Royal Institute of Technology, researcher at Bunyip Information…

Håkan Hellström
Håkan is the Head of Operations at Netnod and has worked for the company since 2000

Håkan has worked for Netnod since 2000. He is an experienced IT project manager with several years of experience from working at the Swedish defense with various IT projects. He is responsible for the operations team as a well as the daily operations…

Martin Eriksson
Martin Eriksson is the Interconnection Relations Manager at Netnod.

Martin maintains Netnod's external commercial relations and Netnod Reach partnership programme at Netnod. 

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Miguel Alktun
Miguel is the Global Account Manager, Business development - DNS.

Miguel Alktun joined Netnod in February 2017. Miguel has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Stockholm and over 20 years experience working in the technology industry.

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Carina Christiansen
Carina is Head of Marketing at Netnod.

Carina Christiansen joined Netnod in August 2015 and is responsible for all marketing activities across the organisation. Carina has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Bath and over 15 years experience working in the technology…

Siri Brenden
Siri is Marketing Manager at Netnod.

Siri joined Netnod in March 2015 as a member of the marketing team and is responsible for events and sponsorships. Siri has a degree in Business Administration and has extensive experience in marketing & events within the hospitality industry. …

Nathalie Alberti Fidani
Nathalie is the Executive Assistant at Netnod.

She supports the CEO and the management team with daily administrative tasks. She also assists the Board of directors with administrational support.

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Sarah Pratt
Sarah is the administrative assistant at Netnod.

Sarah carries out administrative tasks in the Netnod offices, postal, invoice and contract administration. She also provides administrative support to the management and communications team.

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Johan Ihrén
Johan works as a Senior Systems Specialist at Netnod.

Specialises in tailored products and solutions, specifically but not limited to the domain name system. Investigates, designs and implements new services and solutions. Has a focus on both the technical and the business case point of view. Main…

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Meet us
Meet with Miguel Alktun at NamesCon 2018 to discuss how you can leverage one of the largest DNS anycast platforms available to strengthen your infrastructure. 

Meet us
Meet Netnod's CEO LM Jogbäck and Head of Research Patrik "Paf" Fältström and learn more about how to build a robust DNS infrastructure.
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