17 Feb 2021
Any company doing digital business needs an IT strategy that ensures network security, reach and performance. Interconnection plays a key role here. The right interconnection strategy grows your network, saves costs and provides the flexibility to scale and guarantee high-performing services.
3 Dec 2020
We know the setup. Data centre migrations to plan, customers left and right scaling their networks. You need fast, cost-effective interconnections. But the budget only goes so far and you don’t have time for countless vendor meetings or provisioning delays.
23 Oct 2020
Below is a list of the networks that are connected to the Netnod Internet Exchange. You can sort them by AS number, location, peering policy, reach or remote.
21 Oct 2020
Are you new to peering and want some quick tips and tricks? Check out our new 6 minute peering webinar!
26 Aug 2020
Interconnecting southwest Sweden since 1998
5 Aug 2020
Stockholm 12 May 2020 - Telia Carrier, operating the world’s No. 1 ranked Internet backbone, has partnered with Netnod, the leading provider of interconnection services in the Nordics, to provide customers with remote peering connections. As a Netnod Reach partner, Telia Carrier can connect customers from any point in its global network enabling remote peering at Netnod IXes throughout the Nordics.
11 May 2020
Telia Carrier are the backbone of the internet – and a whole lot more. With the world’s #1 Internet backbone, we connect end-users to content and enterprises to the cloud - in fact, our IP customer routes account for more than half of the Internet routing table.
28 Apr 2020
The regional IX for mid-Sweden
25 Mar 2020
Recently, we have seen changes in Internet traffic patterns across the Netnod Internet Exchange (IX). We expect that traffic may continue to increase as people and companies across the region adapt to the current situation.