Webinar - Interconnection trends and strategies

Want to know more about the latest interconnection trends, peering strategies and connection options in the Nordics? Check out our latest 5 minute webinar!


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Netnod WDM Transport is the most cost-effective solution on the market for point-to-point transport between any location in the Nordics and Netnod Metro Access provides point-to-point interconnections between data centres and other locations in the same metro area.


Shaped  Port

Netnod Shaped Ports enable you to connect to a 10GE, 100G or 400GE port but to only use the capacity that you need.



Wherever you are located, use your existing port to connect to any Netnod IX. We manage everything, provide free transport, and ensure low latency, redundancy, and full peering opportunities. Your existing port becomes a gateway to exchange traffic anywhere in the Nordics.