Netnod Remote IX

Remote IX
Peer across all Netnod Internet Exchanges with just one port.

Netnod’s Remote IX service is the quickest, most cost-effective way to peer across the Nordics. Wherever you are located, use your existing port to connect to any Netnod IX. We manage everything, provide free transport, and ensure low latency, redundancy, and full peering opportunities. Your existing port becomes a gateway to exchange traffic anywhere in the Nordics.

Power up your port!

  • Use your existing port to interconnect across the Nordics and peer with more than 200 AS networks

  • Fast provisioning with no extra cross-connect, colocation or equipment costs

  • Free secure transport

  • Expand your reach with full peering opportunities at any Netnod IX including peering with the route server

  • Full redundancy available as an option

  • Short term agreement, no contract lock in and 10G prices from 2 500 SEK per month


Netnod VLAN


A scalable peering solution 

With no extra equipment or Capex costs, this is the most scalable interconnection solution for your business. No contract lock in and easy upgrades gives you complete flexibility as your network evolves.

Remote IX prices are available here.

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