Netnod IX Helsinki

IX Helsinki
Netnod IX Helsinki is operated by the leading provider of interconnection services in the Nordics. Networks peering at the Netnod IX Helsinki can exchange local traffic and easily expand to peer across Netnod’s range of Internet Exchanges in the Nordics. This provides peering opportunities with almost 200 different networks exchanging more than 2 Tbps of traffic across Netnod’s IX platform.

By joining the Netnod IX Helsinki, networks benefit from: 

  • the best access to the highly interconnected Nordic region and the crucial Russian market
  • peering opportunities with some of the world’s largest transit providers and content delivery networks
  • a range of interconnection services including shaped ports and Remote IX 
  • optimized speed, routing control and paths to your peers
  • a robust and resilient exchange
  • 25% discount on consecutive ports at 100GE


Connection options at Netnod IX Helsinki include: public peering, private peering, single or dual ports, and Remote IX connections to any other Netnod IX.


Want to find out more about the Netnod IX Helsinki services and our early-bird offers? Let us know.

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Connect to the largest IXP in the Nordics with the highest traffic per peer in Europe.