Netnod in the community

Community involvement

Netnod is an active contributor in the Internet community. We see it as part of our mission to work for the "Good of the Internet", and we believe in working together with the Internet community for this purpose. Members of Netnod staff are active in local, regional and international forums and hold several prominent positions in the Internet community.

Standards development

We contribute in the standards development process through the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), where staff members are authors and contributors of several Internet Drafts and RFC and have chaired various IETF working groups. We also contribute to the IETF work by donating human resource time and competence to the development of IETF tools.

The Operators community, Internet exchanges and DNS

Within the Operators community, we participate in the Swedish Operators Forum (SOF), RIPE, APRICOT, NANOG, SANOG, MENOG and many other forums. We are a member of the Euro-IX (the European Internet exchange association), and we co-host the European Peering Forum (EPF). We are also members of CENTR (the European TLD Association), APTLD (the Asia Pacific TLD Association) and LACTLD (the Latin American TLD Association).


Netnod is a member of Euro-IX, the European Internet Exchange Association. Euro-IX was formed in May 2001 with the objective to further develop, strengthen and improve the IXP community. European Internet Exchange Points recognised a need to work together, coordinate activities, share information & publish statistics. Netnod is an active contributor to Euro-IX. Netnod also supports other smaller IXPs in developing countries through the Euro-IX Mentor IX programme.


Netnod is an organisational member of ISOC, contributing to the development of Internet infrastructure and IXP development in Africa and other regions. Netnod is also a long time supporter and sponsor of AfPIF - the The African Peering and Interconnection Forum. AfPIF addresses the key interconnection, peering, and traffic exchange opportunities and challenges on the continent and provides participants with global and regional insights for maximising opportunities that will help grow Internet infrastructure and services in Africa. 

Policy related work

Through our role as root server operators (, Netnod is represented in policy related groups such as ICANN’s Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) and ICANN’s Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC). We are also active in the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) where we have held a position in the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG). We are members of the Internet Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) to the OECD, which brings together the counsel and expertise of technically focused organisations in a decentralised and networked approach to policy formulation for the Internet economy.

In the past, Netnod staff has held positions such as chairs or co-chairs of various operations and DNS related IETF working groups, members of the IETF Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC), ICANN’s Nominating Committee,  the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) and ICANN’s Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel.

Presenting at Internet operator forums and delivering technical courses is a prominent part of the role Netnod staff plays within the technical Internet community. If you are interested in seeing what upcoming meetings we will be present at, have a look at our events page or send us an email at:


Pro bono DNS services

As a non-profit organisation working for the good of the Internet, Netnod offers limited DNS slave services to certain TLDs on a pro bono basis. The goal is to contribute to a more accessible, stable and secure Internet by providing support to small TLDs with limit resources. If you are interested in Netnod’s pro bono DNS services, please contact us at dnsnode[at]netnod[dot]se