Stockholm, 8 July 2021 - Netnod, a leading provider of interconnection, DNS and time services, today announced a new time and frequency site in Luleå, Sweden. The new site brings a highly accurate, local source of Swedish time to Luleå enabling anyone to get this time for free via the Network Time Protocol (NTP).
On 6 April 2019 the GPS system, used by many organisations for critical infrastructure, will perform a rollover. The rollover is the result of a legacy GPS navigation message which gives a Week Number (WN) as a ten bit parameter. As a result, the WN parameter in the GPS navigation message needs to reset to zero every 1024 weeks.
These are the basic facts and information about peering with Netnod. (ASN 8674).
These are the technical details for Netnod’s NTP service and how to reach our Internet Time servers.
NTP is the most commonly used protocol for synchronizing the time on computer systems. An accurate, NTP-based system is essential not only for individual users but also for local and national economies. It enables everything from air traffic control, bank transactions and computer log files to applications for legal, medical and manufacturing processes.
Netnod’s NTP service. Keeping Sweden in sync. Guaranteed.
Tonight, 2015-06-30 23:59:59 (UTC), a leap second will be added to the global time scale turning time into 23:59:60 and then into 00:00:00.
"Elektroniska rättshandlingar och avtalsrättsliga tidsfrister", by Patrik Fältström