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Stockholm, 8 July 2022 - Netnod is proud to announce the deployment of new DNSNODE sites in: Helsinki, Finland; Vancouver, Canada; and Yerevan, Armenia.
Stockholm, 01 November 2021- Netnod is proud to announce the deployment of new DNSNODE sites in: Jacksonville, USA; Manila, the Philippines; and Shenyang, China.
Stockholm and Calgary, 14 December 2020 - Netnod is proud to announce the deployment of a new DNSNODE site in Calgary, Canada. This is the first such site in Canada, and the starting point for a series of new DNSNODE deployments and upgrades in the North American region. The new site is hosted by the Calgary Internet Exchange (YYCIX).
In this short video Lars-Johan Liman, Senior Systems Specialist, gives a brief overview of the I-root service provided by Netnod.
Root server operators are often asked to comment on reports about the performance and quality of the DNS root server system. In an effort to improve research in this field, the root server operators have published a guide that outlines some principles for interpreting DNS related data sets.
Netnod publishes RSSAC 002 statistics for i.root-servers.net.
Root name servers are the servers at the root of the Domain Name System (DNS) hierarchy.
Netnod congratulates the global Internet community on the successful transfer of the stewardship of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) functions to the global Internet community.
These are the basic facts and information about peering with Netnod. (ASN 8674).
The Domain Name System (DNS) is the distributed hierarchical database on which most Internet services and applications rely and depend. The root of this hierarchy is anchored on 13 domain name servers scattered across the globe.
Netnod's Lars-Johan Liman answers frequently asked questions about Internet's root servers functions. Read here to better understand how they function.