17 Apr 2015
Netnod re-affirms its commitment to the Internet community, to operate i.root-servers.net in a stable manner, independent of any future changes to the IANA stewardship.
23 Jan 2015
Netnod further develops its DNS site design.
1 Oct 2014
The US government has announced it plans to hand over its IANA oversight role to the global multistakeholder community. What does this mean for the DNS and the bigger picture of Internet governance. Where does Netnod stand? And what does this mean for the root servers?
3 Jul 2012
TESPOK and Netnod have today announced that an instance of i.root- servers.net will be installed in one of TESPOK’s data centres.
14 Apr 2011
ADC and Netnod have announced that an instance of i.root-servers.net has been installed in one of ADC’s data centres. This is the first DNS root server in Armenia, which will contribute to the reliability and redundancy in DNS services to Internet users in Armenia and surrounding regions.
24 Feb 2011
Today, Thursday 2011-02-24, starting at 1200 UTC, work will commence to decommission i.root-servers.net as one of the authoritative servers for in-addr.arpa, the international entry point for the part of the DNS database that translates IPv4 addresses to host names.
15 Jul 2010
Signing of the Root Zone - a historic achievement.
24 Jun 2010
Netnod / Autonomica has submitted a response to NTIA's Public Notice: "Intent to Proceed with the Final Stages of Domain Name System Security Extensions Implementation in the Authoritative Root Zone", expressing our support to proceed with the full deployment of DNSSEC in the root zone.
22 Oct 2009
Netnod/Autonomica and AfriNIC has signed an joint MoU, agreeing to cooperate on the installation of I-rootservers in Africa.
11 Jun 2009
In 2009, Netnod / Autonomica issued a joint statement to ICANN together other root server operator. The response from Paul Twomey, CEO of ICANN (at the time), confirming the mutual commitment of coordinating respective activities related to the operations of the root servers, can be found here.
7 May 2009
In 2009, Netnod / Autonomica issued a joint statement to ICANN together other root server operator