15 Jul 10

Signing of the Root Zone

Signing of the Root Zone - a historic achievement.

A major milestone was today reached in the history of the Internet, with the DNS root zone being signed for the first time. The Root DNSSEC Design Team announced today that the first fully validatable production signed root zone was published and began rolling out to the root servers at 2050 UTC.

Netnod would like to congratulate all parties involved for historic achievement. We believe that we now will see more and more DNSSEC signed Top Level Domains (TLDs), resulting in a securer and more robust DNS.

Netnod, has been actively involved with the development of DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) from the early beginnings and a strong supporter of a signed DNS root zone. As the operator of one of the world's 13 root name servers (i.root-servers.net), Netnod has worked together with partners in preparation of today's global roll-out of the DNS root-zone.

Kurt Erik Lindqvist, CEO of Netnod says: "Today is a historic day in the history of the Internet. The deployment of a signed, fully validatable production signed root zone is a major milestone in securing the DNS. We at Netnod have been a strong advocator of a signed root zone for many years, so to see the achievement realised today is momentous."

DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) adds security to the Domain Name System by providing protection against attacks such as DNS spoofing.