Netnod News

20 Dec 2021
Netnod have responded to an open consultation on SOU 2021:63 “Sveriges säkerhet - behov av starkare skydd för nätverks- och informationssystem. This is in turn based on REGULATION (EU) 2019/881 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 17 April 2019 on ENISA (the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity) and on information and communications technology cybersecurity certification and repealing Regulation (EU) No 526/2013 (Cybersecurity Act).
30 Nov 2021
Stockholm, 30 November 2021 - Netnod, ​​the leading provider of interconnection services in the Nordics, today announced the launch of a Netnod Internet Exchange (IX) in Helsinki, Finland.
29 Oct 2021
Stockholm, 01 November 2021- Netnod is proud to announce the deployment of new DNSNODE sites in: Jacksonville, USA; Manila, the Philippines; and Shenyang, China.
10 Sep 2021
STOCKHOLM AND CALIFORNIA: 10 September 2021 - Netnod, the provider of choice for many of the largest Top Level Domains (TLDs), and Global Domains International, Inc, the technical operator for the .WS registry, today announced a new partnership. Under this partnership, Global Domains International will use Netnod’s secondary DNS service (DNSNODE) to ensure fast and resilient DNS for their global services.
5 Jul 2021
Stockholm, 8 July 2021 - Netnod, a leading provider of interconnection, DNS and time services, today announced a new time and frequency site in Luleå, Sweden. The new site brings a highly accurate, local source of Swedish time to Luleå enabling anyone to get this time for free via the Network Time Protocol (NTP).
18 Jun 2021
Stockholm, 21 June 2021 - Netnod, a leading provider of interconnection (IX), DNS, and time and frequency services, today announced that their Precision Time Protocol (PTP) service is now available from a new node in Luleå. In addition to the PTP service available in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Malmö, Gothenburg, Sundsvall and Gävle, organisations can now connect to Netnod’s PTP service from Luleå in the north of Sweden.
11 Jun 2021
Netnod has responded to the report on increased resilience (Ökad motståndskraft - SOU 2021:25).
19 May 2021
Starting operations in 1996, Netnod has been involved in some key moments of Internet history. Read about some of the major milestones here as we celebrate 25 years working at the core of the Internet.
7 May 2021
Stockholm, 7 May 2021- Netnod is proud to announce the deployment of new DNSNODE sites in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Lima, Peru. These sites are the latest in a series of new deployments expanding the global DNSNODE footprint.
6 May 2021
Netnod has responded to the interim report of the investigation on secure and cost-effective IT operations (SOU 2021:1).
28 Apr 2021
Netnod adds new Points of Presence (PoPs) in Stockholm and Sundsvall.
19 Apr 2021
GAIA-X is a European collaborative project for cloud infrastructure that aims to increase the region’s self-sufficiency in digital infrastructure.

The project, which was initiated by companies and organizations that use cloud services and need an open and flexible environment for innovation based on European data law, is now establishing an organization in Sweden.