Netnod Insight - pod edition

What happens behind the scenes to make the Internet work? What are the key technologies keeping the digital world safe and helping Internet traffic get where it needs to go? How do these technologies work, what issues do they have and how can your network use them in the best way? Welcome to Netnod Insight, a series of short interviews where we take a technical feature of the Internet and explain it with the help of a leading expert.

Episode 1: DNS or Die!
Guest: Lars-Johan Liman (Netnod)

The Domain Name System (DNS), which maps domain names to IP addresses, is an essential part of the Internet. Without it, websites would disappear, emails would stop, and the online content we rely on every day would become inaccessible. When it come to life on the Internet, it’s DNS or die! 

But how does the DNS work, who controls it, and what should you consider when looking at DNS services for your domain? To answer these questions, we talk with one of the leading DNS experts, Lars-Johan Liman, Senior Systems Specialist at Netnod.

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Episode 2: How do you know what time it is? 
Guest: Patrik Fältström (Netnod)

Modern society depends on accurate, secure and robust time. But how do we really know what time it is, which clocks to trust, and whether the time comes from a reliable and secure source? To answer these questions, we talk with Netnod’s Technical Director and Head of Security, Patrik Fältström, who explains everything you need to know to keep your network in sync and secure.

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Episode 3: Routing security with Fredrik Korsbäck (Amazon Web Services)

Routing is a fundamental part of the Internet but over the years we have seen route leaks, hijacks and high profile outages. So what is being done to secure routing and how can you ensure your network is following the best practices? To answer these questions, we talk with routing security expert, Fredrik Korsbäck, Senior Technical Business Developer at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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