23 Jan 15

Netnod develops new DNS site design

Netnod develops new DNS site design
Netnod further develops its DNS site design.

As stewards of one of Internet's 13 root name servers for the domain name system (DNS) Netnod has a special responsibility to provide impeccable DNS service to the entire world. Wednesday 21 January 2015, we took a new step to continue to meet this need in the future, by deploying our first "nano site".

The Netnod nanosite is a new implementation of our DNS service machinery, which uses virtual servers, packed into one single hardware unit. The Netnod nano sites provide all the functionality of a traditional site while being smaller and cheaper. This makes deployment of new installations world-wide more flexible, smaller, lighter, less costly, less heat producing, less energy consuming, and easier to ship.

Says Senior Systems Specialist Lars-Johan Liman, project manager for the project: "This will not only give Internet users across the globe better service - our customers of authoritative DNS service will also benefit from deployment of this new architecture."

The first nano site now serves the increasing number of members connected to the Netnod COMIX exchange point which interconnects Malmö and Copenhagen. 

As Patrik Fältström, Head of Research and Development at Netnod, living in that region noticed, the round trip time to I-root decreased overnight from 20ms to 3ms from his home. This goes to show that even in such a well interconnected region as Scandinavia, wide deployment of services has tangible impact.

For more information, please contact Head of Research and Development, Patrik Fältström, paf@netnod.se