Operational statement for i.root-servers.net

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the distributed hierarchical database on which most Internet services and applications rely and depend. The root of this hierarchy is anchored on 13 domain name servers scattered across the globe. 

i.root-servers.net is operated by Autonomica AB. The i-root service was initially provided by NORDUnet A/S as of July 1991 under the name nic.nordu.net. nic.nordu.net was re-named to i.root-servers.net in 1995 in cooperation with all root server operators. Autonomica took over the operations of i.root-servers.net in 2000. Funded by our owners and customers, we provide this service for the benefit of the Internet as a whole. 

Autonomica AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is a subsidiary of Netnod, the operator of the swedish Internet Exchange infrastructure. Autonomica specialises in operations of Internet infrastructure services, DNS in particular. Netnod and Autonomica are non-profit organisations, operating in close cooperation with the Internet community. 

Autonomica, as operator of i.root-servers.net, acknowledges the following fellow organisations as current root server operators and is committed to coordinating operational service with them: 

  • Verisign, Inc.
  • University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
  • Cogent Communications, Inc.
  • University of Maryland
  • NASA Ames Research Center
  • Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.
  • US Department of Defense, Network Information Center
  • US Army Research Laboratory
  • WIDE Project

Joint root server statement to ICANN

In 2009, Netnod / Autonomica issued a joint statement to ICANN together other root server operator. This letter can be found here.

The response from Paul Twomey, CEO of ICANN (at the time), confirming the mutual commitment of coordinating respective activities related to the operations of the root servers, can be found here. 

For any operational issues regarding i.root-servers.net, please contact: noc[at]netnod[dot]se 

What are root name servers?

The root name servers are a critical part of the Internet’s infrastructure. Identified by letters A through M, they provide the entry points to the Domain Name System (DNS). Since 2000, Netnod has operated i.root-servers.net, the first root server to be located outside of the United States.

Netnod's Lars-Johan Liman answers frequently asked questions about Internet's root servers functions. Read here to better understand how they work.

17 Apr 2015
Netnod re-affirms its commitment to the Internet community, to operate i.root-servers.net in a stable manner, independent of any future changes to the IANA stewardship.