I-root statistics

Netnod publishes RSSAC 002 statistics for i.root-servers.net.

RSSAC 002 statistics for i.root-servers.net can be found at the following URL: www.netnod.se/rssac002-metrics


ICANN's Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) has requested from the root server operators that they collect and publish certain basic statistics related to the root service. This goes back to the Root Scaling Study undertaken by ICANN in 2009 (www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/root-scaling-study-report-31aug09-en.pdf) where it was suggested that statistics should be collected in order to be able to watch long term trends in the root server system and to identify early signs of stress on the system as a whole.

RSSAC has formulated a set of statistics in its document RSSAC 002v3, available from www.icann.org/groups/rssac/documents

In addition to the required data in RSSAC 002 Netnod also provides extra information (as is allowed by the framework in RSSAC 002) listing the anycast sites that have actually provided data for a given day. RSSAC 002 is an effort to collect information about the entire root server system. Our data should be considered part of a joint effort by the root server operators, and should be viewed as subpart of a larger data set, i.e., that of all root server data combined.

Links to RSSAC 002 data from all operators can be found at: www.root-servers.org.