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Millions of customers and end users benefit from Netnod’s DNS services every day. We serve many of the largest Top-Level Domain (TLD) customers and operate one of the 13 root name servers in the world. Netnod’s DNS services operate at the very core of the Internet where we have been ensuring the stability, resilience and high performance of critical DNS infrastructure for more than 20 years.

We have developed one of the largest, most advanced DNS anycast networks in the world. Our network is available in more than 70 locations globally which means that millions of users throughout the world are always directed to the closest available server. This ensures a quicker, more reliable experience for them and the most resilient, secure and easy to manage DNS services for customers providing web services.

Names are your business. So when it comes to your DNS service, you need a name you can trust. Netnod is one of the most experienced, trusted and respected providers of DNS anycasting.
Connect to DNSNODE and offer your customers a DNS slave service from the established experts in DNS anycasting. With Netnod’s DNSNODE service, you can offer TLD-grade anycast to your business and enterprise customers.
DNSNODE Enterprise is Netnod´s DNS anycast for the Swedish enterprise market. The offering is part of Netnod’s well-established DNSNODE product and builds on Netnod's success in providing DNS anycast services to Top-Level Domains (TLDs) and developing critical internet infrastructure in Sweden and around the world.
Our DNSNODE service provides gTLDs with the most cost-effective solution for ensuring 100% uptime. This DNS anycast service has been designed to serve both the needs of very small gTLD zones as well as those of large gTLDs serving millions of zones.
Netnod has more than a decade of experience running DNS anycast services with 100% uptime for some of the world’s largest TLDs and enterprise networks. Our industry-leading anycast network has one of the largest server footprints in the world. This means we can guarantee resilience and redundancy as well as significant improvements in DNS response times, security and management.
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Every Internet user and organisation with an online presence is dependent on the DNS whether they know it or not. The DNS is used by every Internet application to transform human-readable names such as www.netnod.se into the numeric string (known as the IP address) for that domain.
DNS in our DNA
DNS in our DNA
30 years of Europe’s first root name server
What to look for in a quality DNS service
Netnod and Internetstiftelsen have joined forces to provide a useful guide on the key aspects of quality DNS services.
How to make sure you have rock solid DNS
Miguel Alktun2020.05.05
As the Global Account Manager for DNS at Netnod, I spend a lot of time working with customers to ensure rock-solid DNS. We know that when it comes to DNS, failure is not an option. Any problem with your DNS service can damage your business and reputation. Here are my seven top tips for ensuring rock solid DNS.
Domain Name Services (Pty) Ltd (DNS Ltd) provides the core registry systems and related services for the South African Central Registry (ZACR). This includes support for new gTLDs, including the much anticipated .AFRICA TLD, which will serve the entire African Internet community.