Rock Solid DNS for the Largest Registry in South Africa

Domain Name Services (Pty) Ltd (DNS Ltd) provides the core registry systems and related services for the South African Central Registry (ZACR). This includes support for new gTLDs, including the much anticipated .AFRICA TLD, which will serve the entire African Internet community.

With more than a million domain names currently relying on their infrastructure, and operations set for significant growth as .AFRICA launches in 2017, DNS Ltd need to ensure the highest level of DNS service.

Challenges: Ensuring 100% Uptime while Rapidly Scaling 

There are two key challenges for DNS Ltd: ensuring 100% uptime for new and existing customers at the same time as rapidly scaling their DNS infrastructure. 

“We are growing rapidly, running the largest DNS zones in the region and deploying the infrastructure for a new, high-profile zone,” says Neil Dundas, CEO, DNS Ltd. “We need a dependable partner who can adapt to our changing requirements and scale quickly with us.”

Netnod’s Solution: Rock-Solid DNS with Strategic Support 

As one of the most trusted and respected secondary DNS providers, Netnod has an established track record of scaling with TLDs to provide 100% uptime across a global network. Netnod offers:

- one of the largest anycast networks available: 70+ locations around the world and growing

- strategic support and intelligent connections: each site considered on a case-by-case basis to optimise routing and bring customers closer to their end users 

- industry-leading security and stability: Netnod are DNSSEC pioneers and provide an anycast network designed for DDoS resilience    

The Results: Fast, Reliable DNS with the Flexibility to Scale

More than a million domains in South Africa rely on Netnod to be always available. As DNS Ltd expand to serve the whole continent with .AFRICA, they benefit from Netnod’s DNS expertise and global network for industry-leading support. 

“Netnod understand our business. They preempt our needs and move quickly,” adds Neil Dundas, CEO, DNS Ltd. “Their amazing foresight and strategic planning have allowed us to scale rapidly with confidence. Their DNS specialists have supported us all the way. In my opinion, they are the Rolls Royce of the DNS industry.”