DNSNODE case study - Rock solid DNS for integration partners in the enterprise market

With Information Security Management (ISM) clients requiring the highest level of service and trust, Kirei needs a DNS partner who understands their business and has a track record of 100% reliability.

Kirei provides a total approach to Information Security Management (ISM).  Supporting a range of high-profile clients in securing critical network infrastructure, Kirei works with ISM systems, security audits, system architecture and the latest industry standards. Their clients include the Swedish Ministry of Justice, the Swedish Tax Agency, ICANN, Nominet and Volvo IT. 

Challenges: integrating customer systems to enable automated provisioning with 100% uptime

As an integration partner, Kirei’s challenges are to:

- develop scalable and secure integration solutions for leading IP Address Management (IPAM) platforms such as Infoblox 

- enable effective automated provisioning and ensure 100% network availability 

“The DNSNODE architecture has been very well designed to focus on the needs of enterprise customers,” says Jakob Schlyter, IT Security Advisor, Kirei. “The APIs provided by Netnod are excellent and enable smooth integration. This is crucial to our business and is a clear benefit that distinguishes Netnod from other DNS providers.”

Netnod’s solution: rock-solid DNS with best-in-class APIs 

As one of the most trusted and respected DNS providers, Netnod has scaled its TLD-grade anycast service for the enterprise market. With an established track record of providing TLDs 100% uptime across a global network, Netnod offers enterprise partners:

- a quick setup process, no minimum number of zones and a simple pricing structure

- best-in-class APIs enabling smooth integration with leading provisioning  platforms

- one of the largest anycast networks available

- strategic support and intelligent connections that optimise routing and bring customers closer to their end users 

- industry-leading security and stability: Netnod are DNSSEC pioneers and provide an anycast network designed for DDoS resilience

The results: fast, reliable DNS with the flexibility to scale

Kirei’s clients rely on Netnod’s global network for 100% availability. As Kirei’s customer base expands across a variety of regions and hardware platforms, they benefit from Netnod’s DNS expertise, flexibility and industry-leading APIs.

“Netnod have done excellent work in scaling up from providing secondary DNS for TLDs to serving the enterprise market,” says Jakob Schlyter. “They have kept to the highest standards while offering a flexible, scalable service that really supports partners like Kirei. When we sell our integration service to customers, Netnod’s reputation is a big bonus. Anyone who knows about DNS trusts Netnod.”