Netnod IX Gothenburg

Gothenburg IX
Interconnecting southwest Sweden since 1998

Netnod, the leading Internet Exchange (IX) in the Nordics, operates the Netnod IX Gothenburg, the best place for networks in the southwest of Sweden to exchange traffic.

Why connect to Netnod IX Gothenburg?

Peering at the Netnod IX Gothenburg offers a range of benefits for local networks including:

  • improved speed and performance: instead of backhauling on a transit route to exchange traffic, you peer locally. Every packet you exchange locally arrives faster and provides an improved experience for customers
  • cost-effective connections: you don't need to pay IP transit and transport costs to distant sites to exchange traffic
  • a more robust local infrastructure: as more networks interconnect locally, the local infrastructure becomes more robust and provides a better experience for end users
  • stability and security: Netnod is the largest Internet Exchange operator in the Nordics with 100% uptime and industry-leading security expertise
  • a Remote IX service connecting you to all Netnod Internet Exchanges: expand your network by peering with some of the largest ISPs, telcos and Content Delivery Networks in the world for as little as an additional SEK 500 per month
  •  Netnod route server makes peering with multiple networks easy and secure
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