“Join the world’s largest TLDs and connect to DNSNODE. The highest quality DNS anycast service on the market. Guaranteed.”

Names are your business. So when it comes to your DNS slave service, you need a name you can trust. Netnod is one of the most experienced, trusted and respected providers of DNS anycasting.  We have an established track record of providing 100% uptime across a global network. 

As the operator of a root name server and host to some of the largest TLDs, we are industry leaders when it comes to security and stability. Over the last decade, we have applied our expertise to building DNSNODE. DNSNODE uses one of the largest server footprints available to provide a world-class anycast service with advanced network architecture and a finely tuned monitoring system.

Together with 24/7 support and a 100% uptime guarantee, DNSNODE offers you the security and stability you need from a DNS slave service. 

DNSNODE: World-Class DNS Anycasting
Global network presence with intelligent local connections

  • One of the largest server footprints available: 70+ locations around the world and growing
  • Each site strategically located and connected: we consider each site case-by-case to optimise routing paths and bring you closer to your end users 
  • Security and standards compliance: DNSSEC and IPv6 supported
  • Managed by experts involved with the IETF and who advise the UN, the EU and the Swedish government on DNS policy
  • Advanced monitoring and statistics engine developed in cooperation with partners to meet operational needs
  • Data stored in a SQL database and presented in a single web API enabling customised panels and reports
  • Always available, always supported: 100% uptime guaranteed and 24/7 support

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Domain Name Services (Pty) Ltd (DNS Ltd) provides the core registry systems and related services for the South African Central Registry (ZACR). This includes support for new gTLDs, including the much anticipated .AFRICA TLD, which will serve the entire African Internet community.

As a non-profit organisation working for the good of the Internet, Netnod offers limited DNS slave services to certain TLDs on a pro bono basis. The goal is to contribute to a more accessible, stable and secure Internet by providing support to small TLDs with limited resources.
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