Bahnhof becomes first Netnod 100 Gbps customer!

At the Netnod customer meeting in Stockholm today, Netnod announced the launch of 100 GE (Gigabit Ethernet) ports. Netnod can now offer 100 GE connections to current and new customers to the exchange points in Stockholm.

Stockholm  02.00 pm - 9th of October 2012
Bahnhof and Netnod

This means that Netnod is one out of only four Internet Exchanges in the world that offers 100 GE services. The launch of the 100 GE service will allow Netnod customers to grow their Internet bandwidth available for interconnections to other Internet Service Providers. 100 GE, is the next generation of Internet transport technology and allows for a 10 times increase over the speeds available today. With the increased availability of streaming content, online video services, and gaming the future will put higher demand on interconnect bandwidth. With the 100 GE service, Netnod and Stockholm is well positioned to keep it’s leading position in being the largest interconnect point in northern Europe, bridging Scandinavia, the Baltic countries and Russia to the rest of the Internet.

Bahnhof is the first customer to sign a contract for 100 GE with Netnod.

"With the 100 GE service now available, and the first customer order we maintain being one of the largest Internet Exchange Points in the world. As we have seen more content providers using Netnod lately to reach the northern European market via Stockholm, this is a natural step in our development", says Netnod CEO Kurt Erik Lindqvist.

"We are delighted to have Bahnhof as the first customer of the 100GE service", Lindqvist continues. ”I'm very excited that Bahnhof gets to be the first player to introduce this new technology at Netnod. By deploying 100GE, we will once again be superior in terms of public peering capacity in the Nordics. This is a strategic investment we make in order to ensure our customers are provided the best possible Internet services in Sweden.” says Rickard Östman, Head of Net, Bahnhof.

About Netnod
Netnod is a non-profit Internet infrastructure organisation. Netnod manages five Internet exchange points in Sweden. Netnod offers DNS anycast & unicast slave services to TLDs worldwide and is the proud operator of, one of 13 logical DNS root name servers in the world.

About Bahnhof
Bahnhof was founded in 1994 and is Sweden's oldest and one of the largest independent national Internet providers. We combine personalized service and local commitment with solid technical experience and knowledge.