Netnod Tech Meeting 2024

15 October 2024


Netnod brings the tech industry together

The Netnod Tech meeting is back and bigger than ever! Get ready for a day that brings the tech industry together, with a focus on innovation and collaboration. Whether you're a seasoned professional, a Network geek, or a tech enthusiast, this is an event you don't want to miss.

When: 15 October

Where: Clarion Hotel Stockholm

Why attend the Netnod Tech meeting?

  • High-quality presentations covering the latest developments and issues. Our presenters are experts in their field and their presentations are evaluated by a programme committee to ensure the quality and relevance of content

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with Internet experts , potential collaborators, and industry colleagues that share your passion for technology.
  • 1to1: Talk to an expert! Take the opportunity to sit down with  Netnod’s interconnection, DNS, time and security experts and see how we can help you.

Featured topics:

  • Cybersecurity
  • DNS threat management
  • Quantum computing
  • Network Fingerprinting 
  • Automating nationwide deployment of a 400Gbps network
  • DNS Tapir
  • and more... 

Stay Connected

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Would you like to hold a presentation at the meeting? Please contact Johanna for more info! 

Meeting Location

Clarion Hotel Stockholm

Ringvägen 98, Stockholm

MapClarion Hotel Stockholm



For those of you in need of accommodation, we recommend staying at the following hotels as you will be close to our meeting venue. 

Clarion Hotel Stockholm

Scandic Malmen

NOFO Hotel

Hilton Stockholm Slussen




Folkungagatan 44, Stockholm

Map - Florentine


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Netnod can´t guarantee you get the preferred size.
Tick if you don’t want your name shown on the attendee list on the event website
However, there will be a “no-show fee” of 925 SEK. This fee will be charged for registered attendees who don’t attend or who cancel less than 72 hours prior to the event.
Johanna Eriksson Netnod 8674
Miguel Alktun Netnod 8674
Christian Lindholm Netnod 8674
Per Marker Mortensen GlobalConnect 12552 31027 2116
Robert Olsen nLogic
Fearghas McKay Flexoptix 199121
Olof Kasselstrand nLogic
Filip Lindroos GlobaConnect 12552 31027 2116
Fredrik Lindeberg Netnod 8674
Tomas Agartz Netnod 8674
Jonas Krogell Juniper
Ulrik Kärrman 84 Grams AB 57630
Mattias Ahnberg Netnod 8674
Mikael Andersson Mobilelinks Europe AB 205166
Baziyan Safari Netnod AB 8674
John Angelmo GetGeek 209659
Jan Johannesson Lilla Kallmyra
Robin Johansson 84 Grams AB 57630
Jacek Topolski Netflix 2906
Christian Karlsson 31173 Services AB 39351
Vincent Sleiffer Adtran
Ibrahim Tachijian Obenet 3399
Torbjörn Rium Ribbon Communications
Rasmus Åberg Raspiid/GlobalConnect 12552
Alessandro Solari Naquadria Srl 201333 202056
Johan Gustawsson Cisco
Alexander Wikström Tellusfiber AB
Ulf Stenberg Ribbon Communications
Viktor Ekmark evroc 51826
Daniel Wennberg Swedish Armed Forces 9201
Konstantin Ternianov TBISS 42295
Christian Wisén CGI
Timur Holm Ribbon Communications
Patrik Fältström Netnod 8674
Magnus Danielson Net Insight / SNUS / TU
Tobias Jansson Accessbolaget 202395
Hans Thorsen Lamm Lamm Consulting AB
robert malmgren ROMAB
Ace Maroney GlobalConnect AB 12552 2116 31027
Paul Ohrt Internetstiftelsen
Tobias Norrbom Romab 42303
Nicklas Pousette Internetstiftelsen
Movitz Sunar Jokkto Group
Markus Viitamäki Embark Studios 58317
Mirza Gazic Telekomnyheterna 0735788185
Magnus Koch Internetstiftelsen
Nina Ahlander Swedish Armed Forces 9201
Peter Magnusson Internetstiftelsen 197564
Björn Ehrby Internetstiftelsen 197564
Anders Löwinger Abundo AB 6782
Cynthia Revström Individual 57782 210089
Jonathan Eliasson Internetstiftelsen
Sebastian Svensson Mastercard 42649
Kim Isaksson Mastercard 42649
Hugo Blom Mastercard 42649
Oscar Ekeroth Baffin Bay Networks/Mastercard 42649
Viktor Alakörkkö Viktor Alakörkkö IT AB
Tarkan Cengiz Google 15169
Jharyis Gonzalez Boitel Google
Lev Popov Google
karin ahl Netnod
Magnus Westerlund Ericsson
Per Nihlén Sunet 1653
Christer Trägårdh Netnod
Mikael Pawlo Netnod
Tobias Carlsson nLogic
Johan Fredin nLogic
Fredrik Ernlund nLogic
Viktor Alakörkkö Viktor Alakörkkö IT AB
Viktor Kallas Self employed
Emil Palm Nentod 8674
Rob Allen Netnod
Filip Olofsson Netnod AB 8674
Madelene Tivås Netnod 8674
Nemo Ekström 31173 Services AB 39351
Henrik Melwin Amazon Web Services 16509
Patrik Nilsson
Jonas Johansson Netnod 8674
Viktor Jakobsson Amazon Web Services 16509
Peter Hällström Tellus Fiber
Kristofer Hallin SUNET
Hasain Alshakarti TRUESEC
Olof Hagsand sunet
Magnus Bergroth Sunet 1653
Tobias Windh Obenet 3399
Siri Brenden Xledger
Ranjan Thangarasa CONAPTO AB 49079
Jerry Lundström DNS-OARC
Leo Olofson Netnod 8674
Sören Matiros Netnod 8674
Thomas Björklund Netnod 8674
Kaj Kjellgren Nentod 8674
Ulrich Wisser ICANN
Aleksei Serdiuk RETN 9002
Amar Andersson AFRY
Christopher Segerberg GleSYS AB 42708
Daniel 'f0o' Preussker QuxLabs AB 203038
Andres Carlberg NetNordic Sweden AB
Joel Holmberg Opto Dynamics AB
Johan Linder Tele2 1257
Peter Eriksson 31173 Services AB 39351
Claes Magnusson Malmö Yrkeshögskola
Stefan Lindeberg Consior AB
Yngve Rodenvall TeliaCompany AB AS 3301
Kristian Larsson Centor 2863
Morten Werner Forsbring University of Oslo / NIX
Fredrik Holmqvist DCS Networks / CityHosting Sweden 50989
Lars Hansson Telenor Sverige
Morgan Skoog Telenor AB
Per Eriksson SAAB AB 64711
Noah Stegmaier Ericsson
Daniel Söderlund IT-Total 8769
Mohammad Mahloujian ITE
Nils Norberg Adtran
Christoffer Andersson Försvarsmakten 9201
Uffe Hedlund Netnod AB 8674
Sarah Pratt Netnod
Jan Hällström Opto Dynamics Ab
Åke Nordin Netia Data AB
Didrik Ehrenborg Ehrenborg Networks AB
Björn Hansson Teleservice Bredband Skåne AB 34244
Peter Nõu Uppsala kommun
Stefan Svensson Tele2 AB 1257
Per Bäckström Nokia
Jakob Öhman Saab AB
Miguel Alktun Netnod 8674
Linus Nordgren Pro Optix
Letterio Leo Bernava Netnod 8674
Lars-Johan Liman Netnod 8674
Tommy Wahlund Anyway The Wind Blows AB / Telia Company AB
Erik Ehrlund Telia Company AB
Oskar Borgqvist Karabro AB 51519
Torbjörn Eklöv Nordlo 43065
Dennis Wahlstedt Shibuya
Mikael Kullberg Cat Herd AB
Fredrik Vittfarne Geely 44529
Henrik Dahlberg DNSmonitor Sverige AB
Sverre Schriwer Anaximander AB
Fredrik Eriksson CERT-SE 41884
Peter Atterlöf Ciena
johan grönlund infinera
Christian Svensson SONIX 61229
Tommy Nevtelen SONIX 61229
Jakub Matusiak Comptest Group Sp. z o.o.
Gemma Vall Llosera Ericsson AB