Netnod IX pricing

IX connection prices
Effective 1 July 2016.


Annual connection fees at DigiPlex*, Equinix Bromma, Equinix Sköndal, Glesys, Interxion, and KN7

(If you are connecting from another location in Stockholm, please contact us and we will help you)

One time setup fee SEK 25 000

2 x 100 GE LR4 Optics SEK 1 025 000

2 x 100 GE ER4 Optics SEK 1 190 000

2 x 10 GE SEK 198 000

2 x 1 GE SEK 40 000

2 x 100 Mbps (No setup fee)

Fibre relocation SEK 25 000

*100 GE and 100 Mbps not yet available from this location


(Copenhagen - Malmö) 

Annual connection fees at VG4, Interxion CPH, GlobalConnect (No setup fee)

100 GE SEK 550 000

10 GE SEK 90 000

1 GE SEK 40 000

100 MbpsSEK 0


Gothenburg | Sundsvall | Luleå

Annual connection fee (No setup fee)

10 GE SEK 90 000 

1 GE SEK 40 000

100 Mbps SEK 0


Additional services

Private VLAN (one-time fee) SEK 2 500

Patch cable, (Annual fee, minimum 2 yrs) SEK 5 000

The fees are specified excluded of value added tax and other governmental charges.


At Netnod we value our customers and want to make it easy to connect to us. Should you need further information or want to place an order please get in touch with us.

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Technical information on Netnod IXP's

Netnod operates route servers at the Stockholm and Copenhagen-Malmö IX. A route server facilitates the administration of peering arrangements for networks present at an exchange point. By connecting to the route server, you can replace some, or all of your separate BGP sessions to your peers, with one single session towards the route server.
What is an IXP and what is peering?