Celebrating Women in Tech

To celebrate International Women’s Day (8 March), Netnod has commissioned a series of interviews to be published throughout the week. Discover what some of the leading figures in the industry have to say about the current successes, challenges and what the future holds for women working in the tech industry.
Amanda Gowland (RIPE NCC)
"A little empathy goes a long way, and great things can happen when people listen to each other and feel that they are heard."
"My father gave me my interest in technology and encouraged me to educate myself. I was brought up to become a techie."
"It’s important to give young women the support and message that they can be successful in this industry."
“We should acknowledge how diversity supports us in making better decisions.”
“ ’Credit poachers’ are a real drain on motivation, as well as those who give another man credit for an idea a woman previously came up with.”
“There is no glass ceiling in most cases, just a million invisible glass threads holding us onto the floor below. You have to go out there and cut these invisible threads.”