Time and Frequency

5 Jul 2021
Stockholm, 8 July 2021 - Netnod, a leading provider of interconnection, DNS and time services, today announced a new time and frequency site in Luleå, Sweden. The new site brings a highly accurate, local source of Swedish time to Luleå enabling anyone to get this time for free via the Network Time Protocol (NTP).
18 Jun 2021
Stockholm, 21 June 2021 - Netnod, a leading provider of interconnection (IX), DNS, and time and frequency services, today announced that their Precision Time Protocol (PTP) service is now available from a new node in Luleå. In addition to the PTP service available in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Malmö, Gothenburg, Sundsvall and Gävle, organisations can now connect to Netnod’s PTP service from Luleå in the north of Sweden.
1 Apr 2021
Stockholm, 7 April 2021 - Netnod, a leading provider of interconnection, DNS and time services, today announced the successful implementation of White Rabbit on a live Swedish network.
15 Jan 2021
New recommendations focus on expanding access to robust time and frequency services to ensure resilience for Sweden
25 Nov 2020
This white paper gives an overview of NTS and a detailed description of the authentication process that ensures you receive time information from a trusted source. This includes the step-by-step details of the key establishment and time stamping process. We also provide a summary of the elements that enable NTS to scale and to secure NTP against a range of attack vectors.
22 Sep 2020
Stockholm, Sweden - 1 October 2020 - The Proposed Standard for Network Time Security (NTS) has today been published by the IETF as RFC8915. This comes at the end of a five year development process. As one of the leading figures in NTS, Netnod has worked on all stages of NTS development from the IETF standard to software and hardware implementations at client and server levels. The publication of the NTS Proposed Standard as an RFC marks an important milestone in the development of secure time on the Internet. 
5 Aug 2020
Following the launch of one of the first Network Time Security (NTS) enabled NTP services in October 2019, Netnod has been developing a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation of NTS. This is now publicly available for tests. 
26 Mar 2020
Stockholm, Sweden - 27 March 2020 - Netnod, a leading provider of interconnection and DNS services, is pleased to announce that the Internet Draft ‘Network Time Security for the Network Time Protocol’ has been approved as a Proposed Standard.
17 Nov 2019
Netnod recently launched a Network Time Security (NTS) service. This page explains how you can start using NTS. It explains how to set up an NTS client and connect to Netnod’s NTS servers.