Netnod / Autonomica responds to NTIA's intent to proceed with DNSSEC in the root

Netnod / Autonomica has submitted a response to NTIA's Public Notice: "Intent to Proceed with the Final Stages of Domain Name System Security Extensions Implementation in the Authoritative Root Zone", expressing our support to proceed with the full deployment of DNSSEC in the root zone.

Dear Ms. Alexander

Autonomica AB operates one of Internet's 13 public root name servers for the DNS. As such we have wholeheartedly participated in the deployment and testing of DNSSEC in the root zone, orchestrated by ICANN and Verisign. We have read the "Final Report on DNSSEC Deployment Testing and Evaluation in the Root Zone" jointly published by ICANN and Verisign, and in all parts where we have first hand knowledge, we find it to be a fair and accurate description of the situation. We have no reason to believe that the parts where we do not have first hand knowledge are less fair or less accurate.

We concur with the notion that no harmful effects have been observed, and we share ICANN's and Verisign's view that none of the minor details in the testing plan that failed to meet with full success pose concern for further deployment.

Our counclusions are fully in line with those of the NTIA, and we warmly support its decision to proceed with full deployment of DNSSEC in the root zone.

Finally we would like to commend the DoC, and especially the NTIA, in its outstanding efforts to make this happen. We also acknowledge the equally outstanding efforts by ICANN and Verisign, and many other involved parties, and we believe the Internet community as a whole will benefit greatly from this.

Best regards,

Autonomica AB