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In this short video Lars-Johan Liman, Senior Systems Specialist, gives a brief overview of the I-root service provided by Netnod.
DNSNODE Enterprise is Netnod´s DNS anycast for the enterprise market. The offering is part of Netnod’s well-established DNSNODE product and builds on Netnod's success in providing DNS anycast services to Top-Level Domains (TLDs) and developing critical internet infrastructure in Sweden and around the world.
Netnod Time
Netnod’s Network Time Protocol (NTP) service is one of the first NTS-enabled time services in the world. This page gives a brief introduction to NTS, its benefits, and how to set it up on your devices.
Netnod Metro Access provides point-to-point interconnections between data centres and other locations in the same metro area. With on-net locations at major data centres in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo, Netnod can provision a 10G or 100G interconnection in just a few days. 

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