Netnod Metro Access

Netnod Metro Access
Netnod Metro Access (dwdm transport) provides point-to-point interconnections between data centres and other locations in the same metro area. With on-net locations at major data centres in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo, Netnod can provision a 10G or 100G interconnection quickly. For other locations, Netnod provides a fully provisioned service for local access.

Using a state-of-the-art WDM network, Netnod Metro Access provides you with:

  • a metro transport solution that is less expensive than fibre

  • a fully managed solution by Netnod with no need to deal with external vendors or third parties

  • no Capex costs on transmission equipment and no long contract lock-in

  • an industry-leading network with full redundancy and automatic restoration

  • connections across optical, physical or data link layers at 10G or 100G

  • 24/7 SLA and fault monitoring



On-Net Locations

Netnod Metro Access is available immediately at the following locations. Netnod can also establish connections at additional sites on request. 

Equinix Bromma SK1 - Equinix Sköndal SK2  - Glesys Västberga - Interxion Stockholm - Stokab KN7 -Stockholm B - Stockholm C - STACK Infrastructure

Stockholm Metro


GlobalConnect Taastrup


Copenhagen metro

Oslo (powered by NIX)
HMG9 - Oslo: University campus

Oslo Metro

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Netnod Remote IX
Peer across all Netnod Internet Exchanges with just one port
Netnod IX Stockholm
Connect to the largest Internet Exchange (IX) in the Nordics.
Netnod operates the largest Internet Exchange (IX) in the Nordics with 200+ networks exchanging 2+ Tbps of traffic