Netnod set to transform interconnectivity throughout the Nordics

Netnod set to transform interconnectivity throughout the Nordics
Stockholm, Sweden - 3 April 2019 – Netnod, the leading provider of interconnection services in the Nordics, today announced the launch of new services to transform the connectivity landscape in the region. New point-to-point transport and a VLAN solution interconnecting all Netnod Internet Exchanges (IXes) will provide the Nordics with quicker, cheaper and more effectively managed interconnections than ever before.

Using Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) connections, the new peering solution enables customers with a port at one Netnod IX to connect to any other Netnod IX. With no extra cross-connection or equipment needed, networks can now peer throughout the region at a fraction of the previous cost. Any network with a presence in the Nordics can establish a VLAN connection to the Netnod IX Stockholm. This opens up peering in the region enabling networks to expand their presence and peer with some of the largest ISPs, telcos and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) in the world.

“As the leading provider of interconnection services in the Nordics, we are pleased to offer our customers even more choice of how they connect and exchange traffic,” said Lars Michael Jogbäck, Netnod CEO. “Whatever your network setup and wherever you are located, we can provide flexible interconnection services that scale with your business, help grow your network and save you time and money.”

Netnod’s new regional and metro interconnect services use a state-of-the-art WDM network for point-to-point transport transport throughout the Nordics. With a range of interconnection options, including the choice of fully redundant routes, customers can connect through Netnod as a one-stop shop and select from regional, metro and IX connections. For networks that need to interconnect over long distances, Netnod’s WDM Transport provides regional interconnections at 10G or 100G. With on-net locations at major data centres across the Nordics, and a fully provisioned service for local access, Netnod’s WDM Transport provides a fully managed transport solution across an industry-leading network.

Netnod’s Metro Access offers interconnections across optical, physical and data link layers within a metro area. Metro Access has on-net locations at major data centres in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo, and offers private interconnects at 10G or 100G. Without the need for hardware and additional costs, Netnod Metro Access provides the most cost effective and reliable point-to-point transport available and offers a cheaper alternative to dark fibre.

“With optical routes, automatic restoration, built-in redundancy and a quick turnaround on provisioning, Netnod is making interconnecting in the Nordics more efficient, cheaper and easier to manage than ever before,” said Christian Lindholm,
Head of Sales and Marketing, Netnod.

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