Netnod and DNS - DNSNODE

As one of the most trusted secondary DNS anycast providers in the world, Netnod has a track record of ensuring 100% uptime across a global network.

Netnod operates one of the largest DNS anycast constellations on the Internet with over 80 anycast nodes worldwide and growing. The system was originally designed for the DNS root name service ( operated by Netnod. 

Connect with DNSNODE as a Partner

With Netnod’s DNSNODE service, you can provide TLD-grade anycast to your business and enterprise customers.

Our secondary authoritative DNS anycast service complements and enhances your existing solution. It is the most cost-effective way to ensure your DNS infrastructure is robust and resilient.

Use Netnod’s service to support your business, enhance your brand, and provide world-class DNS.

Benefits of DNS Premium service from Netnod 


  • No lock-ins (pay for what you use)
  • Wholesale price model
  • Easy to use price model (Per zone)
  • DNS services for standard and premium domains
  • Unlimited zones
  • 100% Uptime guarantee 
  • White label solution
  • Service level agreement
  • Marketing support material for your end customers


  • 24/7 support
  • World-class DNS expertise
  • Customer Portal
  • Contact  by email, web or phone


  • A total of 3 name servers all with IPv4 and IPv6 service addresses
  • 1 IPv4 + 1 IPv6 address from each name server, provided from two different Autonomous Systems (ASes)
  • Regional and  global anycast Clouds
  • 35+ nodes in a global anycast network
  • Several Tier1 and transit providers globally
  • Web and API (RESTful JSON)
  • Unlimited queries
  • Fully secure: TSIG, Access Control List (ACL) and two-factor authentication

Try before you buy - Test our partner program free for 60 days!

After 60 days you can decide whether to remove the zones or become a partner.

If you prefer to talk with one of our DNS experts, you can arrange an initial consultation by email:

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