Netnod IX fees lowered for 2011!

Netnod IX fees will be further lowered for 2011

We are pleased to announce a further lowering of all Netnod IX prices!

As in many previous years, Netnod has decided to further reduce the connection fees for all of the Netnod exchange points. The fee reduction applies across the board to 1GE connections as well as 10GE connections. The new fee schedule is as follows:

2x 10GE inner city (incl. Interxion & Telecity) : 225k SEK/year 
2x 1GE  inner city (incl. Interxion & Telecity) : 125k SEK/year

2x 10GE outer city: 310k SEK/year 
2x 1GE  outer city : 210k SEK/year

*Note that prices in Stockholm include the cost of the fibre and is for TWO redundant ports.

Sundsvall, Gothenburg and Malmö
10GE 90k SEK/year
1GE 40k SEK /year

1GE 40k SEK /year