Netnod establishes presence at DigiPlex in Stockholm

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Stockholm, 22 February 2017 - Netnod, Sweden’s Internet exchange, and DigiPlex, the Nordic’s data centre specialists, today announced a collaboration that extends Netnod’s infrastructure to DigiPlex’s Stockholm data centre.

The agreement will enable DigiPlex customers to reduce latency and transit costs by peering directly across the Netnod Stockholm switch, while Netnod’s customers will be able to expand their applications infrastructure in DigiPlex’s award winning, carrier-neutral data centre.

“It’s important that Netnod can be reached where our customers are located. It should be easy to connect to our exchange points. With DigiPlex as an ‘On Net’ connection option, DigiPlex’s customers can easily and cost effectively get a redundant, secure and stable connection to Netnod”, said Lars Michael Jogbäck, Netnod CEO.

Netnod’s exchange point in Stockholm is the largest in the Nordics and offers the highest traffic per peer in Europe. With 100% uptime since 2002, the exchange point provides the best possible access to the highly interconnected Scandinavian region and the Russian market. Customers peering at the exchange benefit from improved speed, redundancy and routing control as well as peering opportunities with some of the largest networks and transit providers in the world.

Customers from Netnod and DigiPlex will exchange traffic directly over dedicated fibres linking the Stockholm Internet exchange to the DigiPlex data centre. This will significantly reduce the cost of connections for DigiPlex’s customers. Netnod customers will be able to expand their applications infrastructure in DigiPlex’s ISO certified Stockholm facility offering up to 20,000 m² of secure IT Housing powered by 100% renewable energy.

“In today’s digital world, the data centre is becoming an interconnected business ecosystem for critical digital operations,” said Gisle M. Eckhoff, CEO of DigiPlex. “Our data centre customers, and their customers, will now be able to both choose from a vast selection of carriers as well as reduce the cost and latency by peering directly across the Netnod switch.”

About Netnod
Netnod is a non-profit, neutral and independent Internet infrastructure organisation based in Sweden. Netnod is owned by the foundation TU-stiftelsen (Stiftelsen för Telematikens utveckling). Netnod manages Internet exchange points (IXPs) in Sweden and Denmark, offers DNS anycast & unicast services to TLDs and Enterprises worldwide, and is the operator of, one of 13 logical DNS root name servers.
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About DigiPlex
DigiPlex designs, builds and operates data centres in the Nordic region. The company specialises in delivering tailored, secure and resilient environments with the highest possible availability. Both private and public organisations, including security-sensitive customers such as government and financial institutions, trust DigiPlex data centre solutions. All DigiPlex data centres are powered exclusively by sustainable sources of electricity. Read more at

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