Netnod and Internetstiftelsen publish version 1.0 of the definition of  Internet Access

Netnod and the Internet Foundation in Sweden (IIS) have together with operators, technicians and other stakeholders finished the first phase of three in a  project to define, the various elements that constitute internet access.

Version 1.0 of the definition  summarises the findings of the first phase of the Internet Access project, and includes summaries of the various elements that should be considered when looking at the provision of Internet connectivity. These include elements such as IP addressing , response time, availability, traffic control, operating functions and the level of support users can expect when errors occur. The purpose of the Internet Access project, as detailed in version 1.0, is to define together with the market how elements such as these ​​are to be measured and to define the minimum levels that should be provided. This will create the conditions for a higher quality of service and will make it easier for customers, suppliers and end users to know and agree on what is expected of their Internet connectivity.

The full report (in Swedish) is available here