01 Oct 14

Netnod, IANA stewardship & I-root

The US government has announced it plans to hand over its IANA oversight role to the global multistakeholder community. What does this mean for the DNS and the bigger picture of Internet governance. Where does Netnod stand? And what does this mean for the root servers?

In March this year, the US government announced to start the transition of the IANA functions to a global multistakeholder arrangement. This news travelled fast around the globe and started lots of discussions about how to best handle this process. There have been many opinions expressed, but also a few myths circulating. 

In the latest Netnod news magazine, Netnod has published two articles relevant to this transition. One is an overview of the IANA stewardship transition process, what it is and what it isn't and what Netnod's position is. And one root server FAQ, which explains what the DNS root servers are and tries to dispel some myths about the root servers:


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