27 Sep 16

IPTP Networks (AS41095) becomes Netnod Reach Partner

IPTP Networks
IPTP Networks (AS41095) has joined the Netnod Reach partner program to provide remote peering in Sweden to its many customers from around the globe. As an official Netnod Reach partner, IPTP Networks can engage clients at any point of presence on its network and resell peering ports to Sweden’s leading Internet Exchange.

Stockholm, Sweden - 27 September

"As a global backbone provider, IPTP Networks assisting local and international companies, with their worldwide footprint expansion. Today, the number of national carriers is growing rapidly, and they are keen to improve their international connectivity in order to satisfy the client's needs. Yet the Internet Exchanges are the best way to improve traffic quality and decrease its cost. We are proud to become an official partner with Netnod - one of the foremost and biggest Internet Exchanges in the world! This alliance will significantly improve services we provide to our customers and partners. With Netnod's assistance, we ensure access to 250+ exchange members, from any of our points of presence in over 130 datacenters worldwide," says Vladimir Kangin, IPTP Networks CEO

"We are excited and proud to partner up with IPTP Networks. IPTP Networks are now connected to Netnod and able to resell our peering ports. This partnership will help bring efficient and secure connections for their clients as well as our connected clients at Netnod. Netnod Reach is an easy, fast and cost-effective way to peer in Stockholm without the overhead of a full IXP commitment allowing you to test the waters with the visibility and technical benefits of a full peering customer," says LM Jogbäck, Netnod CEO.


About IPTP Networks

IPTP Networks is a global Tier 2 Inter¬net Service Provider (AS41095), Systems Integrator and Software Development company. Operating a privately owned, redundant EoMPLS network it establishes secure connectivity across Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas. IPTP Networks is a One-Stop-IT-Shop, and provides custom-designed solutions. For more than 20 years we had helped over three thousand corporate clients around the world to streamline their business, lower costs, expand and secure infrastructure and stay ahead of the competition. Cooperating with close to a 1000 peering partners, with access to all the major Internet Exchanges, the company offers its services in 51 hosting data centers and 132 data centers ON-NET, covering 22 countries and 42 cities worldwide.


Vladimir Kangin, CEO


+31 207 147400



About Netnod

Netnod is a not-for-profit, neutral and independent Internet infrastructure organisation, based in Sweden and owned by the TU foundation. Netnod provides DNS anycast and unicast slave services to TLDs worldwide through its highly respected and robust DNSNODE product. Netnod is also the proud operator of i.root-servers.net, one of the thirteen logical DNS root name servers in the world – a critical part of the Internet underlying infrastructure. This service is provided as a public service to the Internet community at-large, as part of Netnod’s goal to work for the “Good of the Internet”. Finally, Netnod operates six exchanges in five different cities in Sweden where Internet operators exchange traffic. The Netnod IX has among the highest amount of traffic per peer in Europe and is fully IPv6 enabled.



LM Jogbäck, CEO


+46-8-562 860 00