Netnod IX Copenhagen Öresundsbron

Netnod IX Copenhagen - Bridging the Internet in Copenhagen, Malmö and Beyond

With distributed Internet exchange point (IXP) infrastructure and connection points in Copenhagen and Malmö, Netnod IX Copenhagen bridges the Internet markets of Denmark and Sweden.

Netnod IX Copenhagen is a prime entry point to the biggest and busiest Internet exchange in northern Europe. As the fastest growing IXP in the region, Netnod IX Copenhagen offers you:

  • Lower transit costs
  • The best access to the Nordic, Russian, and Baltic markets through Netnod's unique routes
  • Peering opportunities with some of the world’s largest networks
  • Optimized speed, routing control and paths to your peers
  • Reduced latency and no backhaul for local traffic.

Connect to Netnod IX Copenhagen for a robust and reliable IXP managed by a non-profit, neutral organization and operated by experts in Internet exchange architecture and technology. 

Netnod IXPs are layer 2 services built on Gigabit Ethernet (GE) technology. 
At Netnod IX Copenhagen we offer connections at: 100 Mbps, 1 GE, 10 GE, 100 GE 

Netnod IX Copenhagen integrates Netnod’s established Malmö IXP with the former COPHIX exchange, which interconnects Interxion Copenhagen and Global Connect sites in Copenhagen.

  • Connectivity to Netnod IX Copenhagen is fully IPv6 enabled and available via: 
  • A fibre connection that spans the Öresund bridge
  • High-performance switches using using dual power feeds and backed up by an uninterrupted power supply 

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