Autonomica and ICANN Commit to Ongoing DNS Root Name Service Coordination

In 2009, Netnod / Autonomica issued a joint statement to ICANN together other root server operator. The response from Paul Twomey, CEO of ICANN (at the time), confirming the mutual commitment of coordinating respective activities related to the operations of the root servers, can be found here.

Dr. Paul Twomey, CEO of ICANN, has posted an open letter to Kurt Erik Lindqvist, CEO of Netnod and Autonomica, noting ICANN's appreciation of the role Autonomica plays as operator of, one of the 13 Internet root name servers.

The letter was sent in response to letters sent by Autonomica, RIPE NCC operator of K-root, and WIDE Project, operator of M-root, to ICANN in May 2009.

The letter notes that both ICANN and the Autonomica acknowledge "that a single, unique DNS root is paramount to the stable operations of the Internet and to ensure global interoperability", and that "close ICANN coordination with the root-server operators provides a foundation for a secure, stable and resilient DNS."

ICANN and Autonomica have jointly committed to "coordinating their respective activities regarding the DNS root name service with each other and third parties". This includes "exchanging and maintaining the necessary operational and administrative contact information, notifying each other without undue delay of any (pending) operational changes or any (pending) changes in their respective activities".

Read the full letter from ICANN to Netnod here.