Pro bono DNS services

As a non-profit organisation working for the good of the Internet, Netnod offers limited DNS slave services to certain TLDs on a pro bono basis. The goal is to contribute to a more accessible, stable and secure Internet by providing support to small TLDs with limited resources.

If you are interested in Netnod’s pro bono DNS services, please contact us at dnsnode[at]netnod[dot]se

70+ locations around the world
DNSNODE provides a full set of authoritative DNS slave services. These include a global anycast network with one of the largest server footprints in the world and a unicast service from the Netnod exchange point in Stockholm
Our DNSNODE service is the leading anycast and unicast slave service for TLDs and partners.
Based on one of the most resilient, robust, and advanced networks in the world, DNSNODE has been developed with the same expertise we use to operate i-root and advise the UN, the EU and the Swedish government on DNS best practise.
Names are your business. So when it comes to your DNS service, you need a name you can trust. Netnod is one of the most experienced, trusted and respected providers of DNS anycasting.
Connect to DNSNODE and offer your customers a secondary DNS services from the established experts in DNS anycasting. With Netnod’s DNSNODE service, you can offer TLD-grade anycast to your business and enterprise customers.
What is the DNS?
About Netnod
In addition to the Netnod exchange point services and the DNSNODE services, Netnod offers other Internet related services. We believe in adding value to exchange points by colocating other valuable services and making them available to anyone connected to the exchange.
About Netnod
Netnod plays an active role in shaping and securing the future of the Internet. We do this by working together with the Internet community and making significant contributions to Internet governance, policy and technical standards.