DNS news and views from the last year

Summer roundup - DNS news and views from the last year

Whether you are new to DNS or want in-depth technical info, we’ve got you covered. Here is my selection of some of the most interesting DNS material from Netnod over the last 12 months

Updates from Netnod’s DNS team

We have a dedicated DNS team consisting of seven experts including Lars-Johan Liman and Patrik Fältström. We focus on continually expanding our global footprint and offering best-in-class services to TLDs, enterprises, and partners

New to the DNS?

If you want an introduction to the Domain Name System (DNS) take a look at our overview of how the DNS works

I know the DNS is important, but what now?

As Global Account Manager for Netnod’s DNS services, I get this question a lot. That’s why I put together this checklist to help. 
We’ve also published a case study showing how a Top Level Domain ensures rock-solid DNS.

What about the root name servers? How do they work?

As the operator of one of the world’s 13 root name servers, Netnod’s staff have a wealth of experience. I recommend Lars-Johan Liman’s blogpost on the 30 year history of the I-root server. This gives a fascinating insight into the first root server to be located outside of the United States. 

Liman has also made a 10 minute webinar on Netnod’s I-root service. This provides an excellent overview of the setup and technology we use to run the root server.

Netnod’s DNS service has 70+ sites. Can my network host one?

We are expanding Netnod’s DNS service all the time and the footprint is growing rapidly. We’ve recently added new sites in Argentina, Bolivia, Cambodia, Canada, Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Suriname, and the United States. If you wish to host a DNSNODE site, you can find all the info you need here.

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