Technical Community on improvements to the IGF

The Representatives of the Internet Technical and Academic community in the CSTD Working Group on improvements to the IGF, publish their recommendations on improvements to the IGF.

As the five year mandate of the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was coming to an end, the vice chair to the CSTD was tasked to put together a working group to review, compile and suggest improvements to the IGF. At the CSTD inter-sessional panel which took place on 17 December, the composition of the working group was decided.

The working group is composed of twenty-two Members States, plus five representatives each from civil society; the business sector; academia and the technical community; and intergovernmental organisations. 

The five representatives from the Internet technical and academic community are:


  • Ms Constance Bommelaer, Senior Manager, Strategic Global Engagement, Internet Society
  • Ms Samantha Dickinson, Senior Policy Specialist, APNIC Pty Ltd
  • Mr Baher Esmat, Manager, Regional Relations - Middle East "Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Cairo, Egypt
  • Ms Nurani Nimpuno, Outreach & Communications Manager, Netnod (Autonomica)
  • Mr Oscar Robles-Garay, General Director for NIC México, LACNIC Board of Directors (Regional IP Registry for Latin American and Caribbean region)

The representatives of the Internet technical and academic community are pleased to submit the following document as input to the CSTD WG discussions:

Proposed Improvements to the IGF