Netnod & .PE sign agreement for anycast of .PE

Netnod and Red Cientifica Peruana (.PE) have signed an agreement for anycasting services for the .PE DNS top-level domain (TLD).

Stockholm and Lima 2010-05-01.

Netnod AB and Red Cientifica Peruana have signed an agreement for anycasting services for the .PE DNS top-level domain (TLD).

"Anycasting is a technology that has been used for some time to provide better resiliency and redundancy for DNS, which is a critical component of the Internet. With Anycast service performance is enhanced as the service will be delivered closer to users," says Rolando Toledo, CEO of Red Cientifica Peruana.

"Anycast is a technology that allows a TLD to serve their end-users with less latency and higher resiliency, which is why we are seeing it becoming a defacto standard for operating TLDs today" says Kurt Erik Lindqvist, CEO of Netnod.

With the agreement the .PE TLD will be serviced from Netnod's close to 40 locations worldwide. 

Netnod and the subsidiary company Autonomica operates the Internet Exchanges in Sweden as well as works on research on Internet operations, provides consultancy services around critical infrastructure and also operates a number of common Internet services. One of these is the, one of the thirteen root-servers on the Internet. 

"The root-servers are critical infrastructure and their independence are very important. With this agreement we can help Netnod to fund further development and operations of the We are pleased to be able to contribute in this way and at the same time gain the increased service for our TLD," said Mr. Toledo.

"We are very happy to see support for our work from all around the world and further strengthening our co-operation with organisations in South America" said Mr. Lindqvist. 

Netnod Internet Exchange AB in Stockholm and the subsidiary Autonomica  are non-for profit organizations that provides critical common services for the Internet.

Red Cientifica Peruana -a non-profit organization- is the sponsoring organisation for the .PE TLD. ?Our TLD has been one of the fastest growing in the last 2 years, and with this agreement we hope to provide a better service to our more than 40,000 users under a scheme of high availability", said Mr. Toledo

Contact person: Kurt Erik Lindqvist,, +46-8-562 860 00.